Consulting for Visionaries

Through our proven business methods, MMCG Inc. will access your purposed or current business model; offer relevant and significant feedback. MMCG Inc will submit the most competent solution for your business. But most importantly, MMCG Inc. will be with you step-by-step, as we team-up together to implement a plan, that will successfully establish your business or generate a renewed commitment from your workers, your customers/clients, your communities, and your vision.

MMCG will help your dream and vision move in a fortuitous forward motion!

Business Consulting​

As your business consultant MMCG Inc. will work with you to establish your business, advertising & marketing plans, operations & business management. MMCG Inc. will have your business running expeditiously, so you as the business owner can concentrate on your vision!

Accounting /Financial/ Tax Consulting

As your accounting/financial/tax consultant MMCG Inc. will work with you to map out your financial goals. MMCG Inc. will advise you professionally and personally about your money. We will hold your hand as you begin to build and manage your wealth

Event Planning Consulting

At MMCG Inc. we are not just suits, we party too! As your Event Planning Consultants we will take you through the planning process to the event that everyone will be talking about years later!

Additional Consulting Services

At MMCG Inc., we can literally be your one-stop-shop. MMCG Inc. offers additional services such as desktop and website design, employee recruiting, employment searches, telecommunications, computer, and network security.